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Welcome to my series Build the Triangle where I take you for an in-depth look behind the curtain of my favorite Triangle Homebuilders. 

Today with are here with Fresh Paint by Garman Homes at a special event. Garman homes operated by Jim Garman,  Alaina Money, and their incredible team of Rockstars, believes that there are 4 things that set them apart from other builders, one of those 4 things is Give It Back.

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For every home Garman builds they donate back to the community. In fact, since 2007 they have donated or pledged over $300 thousand dollars to various charities including Habitat for Humanity, Duke Children’s Hospital and more. The Garman team understands that giving back allows them to work with intention, purpose, and gratitude.  So today we come together to showcase Garman Giving It back. Garman touch on every detail of the Raise the Roof celebration for the 16th Hero Home for Operation: Coming Home that is being built in honor of SGT. Justin Onwordi.

So today we come together to showcase Garman giving it back. The Garman touch is on every detail of this Raise The Roof Celebration for the 16th Hero Home for Operation: Coming Home. This home is being built in honor of SGT. Justin Onwordi.

If you haven’t heard of Operation: Coming Home it was founded by the Raleigh- Wake Home Builders Association.  Operation: Coming Home builds and gives away homes with the help of local homebuilders and subcontractors.

It came about when a group of local veterans and members of the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County got together and decided to create a project for severely wounded veterans. The mission of this project is to aid a local military service member who was severely wounded in combat, by fulfilling his/her family desire to live the American Dream of home ownership—thus came the creation of Operation: Coming Home.

In 2008, Operation: Coming Home built and donated its first home and the program has been a huge success because of the many caring organizations and individuals who willingly contribute their time, effort and finances to show their heartfelt thanks to our local veterans who gave their all to protect our American way of life.

At today’s Raise The Roof Celebration, Garman Homes is honoring SGT. Justin B. Onwordi, his wife Ebony and their 3 children.  Garman homes in known as and innovative and cutting edge builder in the Triangle so when I heard how they were putting the Garman touch on the Onwordi family’s home it brought tears to my eyes.

There are a lot of first being created as the home is crafted. This will be the first home donated in honor of a fallen soldier —-The first home built of for a female veteran—–the first home built by a Girl—-and the first home built by a female owned company. 

This morning we’ve all joined her and been sharpies to write on the walls of Ebony’s home. Everyone here is writing their thoughts, intentions, and blessings to their new family to lift them up in this new chapter of their lives…. Now let’s go raise. The roof

Thank you for joining us today for this touching Raise the Roof Ceremony. If you would like more information on Garman Homes I would love to help.  Start your home search by clicking here.

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