Decluttering Your Home For The Holidays


“It’s a scientific fact that clutter causes anxiety.”

I spent the past week giving thanks with family and friends and I got started on my Christmas decorations.

It is amazing the stuff that comes into my field of vision when I start decorating for the holidays.  If you are feeling like your house is becoming overrun with stuff,  I’ve got a great solution to purge your home this holiday season.

 I don’t know about you but about the time I start my holiday decorating, I begin looking around at the things my kids accumulate through the year.  Their closets, bookcases and every other nook and cranny in their rooms have things they have outgrown or moved on from.

All this stuff really needs another home.

When I start to feel this anxiety I do something I call the December Purge.  It’s kind of like spring cleaning but even better because by doing this cleanout in December I am able to relieve a lot the stress that comes from being at home a lot over the holidays with the kids out of school. I find that getting all this stuff out of my house gives me the space I need to really enjoy the holidays with my family.  My goal is always to get this stuff out of my house while making sure it doesn’t all just head to the landfill.

You own a lot of stuff—but your stuff also owns you. If you’re thinking it’s time to part with a few of your spare possessions, why not do it in a way that can benefit both your community and environment?

I found and great company owned and operated by Jon and April Miller, Junkluggers of the Triangle is an Apex eco-friendly junk removal company that offers you the opportunity to cleanse your home of unnecessary belongings in an environmentally conscious way that is convenient and helps others. Their service offers your property a second chance at life by quickly and efficiently picking up your unwanted items and determining the best use for them. They will donate them to local charities and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt. There is always someone in need who could benefit from the things you don’t want—and Junkluggers mission to help them.

So if you are ready to let someone else do the heavy lifting for you and get your house cleaned out just in time for the holidays give them a call at 919-822-9020.  Jon will give you a FREE estimate and let him know I sent you for a 10% discount on any load.  Call today!

I hope you enjoy a clutter-free holiday.

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