The Top Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2020

We might already be a few months into 2020, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to explore the latest interior design trends. Now is the time to usher your space into a new decade…especially if you’re thinking about selling soon. Here are a few styles you should keep an eye on this year!

2020’s Top Interior Design Trends

Bold monochromatic tones

Green living room, one of the top interior design trends

After years of on-trend neutral tones, bolder colors—such as classic blue, scarlet, and coral—are finally making a comeback. It’s easy to revive an outdated space with some unique hues…and you can even get creative!

If you’re looking to make an impact, consider adding an accent wall or going all out with one bold color. Not ready to commit? Try incorporating bright accents instead!

Rattan and wicker

Wicker chair in a living room, and other interior design trends.

Wicker furniture isn’t just for your porch anymore! We’re seeing a surprising shift towards this natural material, which adds some warmth into any space. Looking for a sturdier-looking alternative? Rattan offers the same earthiness as wicker, but in a thicker weave.

Adding rattan or wicker furniture is the easiest way to blend this trend into your space, but you don’t have to stop there. Many designers are using wicker baskets to create extra storage, and you can even find rattan light fixtures and planters.

Colorful kitchens

Kitchen with blue cabinets

White kitchens had their moment during the 2010s, mostly due to design stars like Joanna Gaines and Leanne Ford. However, we’re now seeing kitchens with plenty of colorful accents—and it’s easy to bring your space up to speed!

Repainting your cabinets is easiest way to make an impact, and you can even do it yourself. Some homeowners are opting to only paint their bottom cabinets a brighter tone, such as navy blue or dark green. To add more contrast, you can even add butcher block or on-trend quartz counters.

Sustainable materials

Rustic dining room

Sustainability has been a huge topic this year, but did you know that it’s also impacted home decor? Many designers are promoting the use of sustainable and organic materials…but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive.

Ready to craft an environmentally friendly space? Try adding some recycled wood, acacia furniture, or ethically sourced pieces to your home. Not only will you love the warm and earthy aesthetic, but you’ll also be helping Mother Nature.

Black and white

Black and white pillows

It’s been said that black and white never goes out of style…and that’s still true in 2020. This timeless color combo is a go-to for homeowners and designers alike, and it’s perfect for every room!

When you’re working with black and white, it’s all about creating contrast. You can easily achieve a catalogue-worthy space by restaining your cabinets or furniture in a dark tone and adding light hardware. For a bolder change, try painting a black accent wall and highlighting it with white furniture.

Getting Ready to Sell?

Are you looking for design tips because you’re thinking about selling soon? We’d love to help you list, market, and sell your Triangle home for just the right price! Contact Gretchen Coley Properties for all the details you need to know—we have plenty of resources to get you started.

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