5 Facts That Prove This Real Estate Market Is Not Like 2008

Facts don’t lie, people do! This is a very good lesson I learned early in my real estate career. When I hear questions like “How is the market?” or “Is the real estate market headed for another crash?” or “Is now the right time to buy a house?” I go directly to the data to prove my talking points.

I know you must have the same questions and I can see why. The national news creates fear. Real Estate is local and when you need to find out what is happening in Raleigh/Durham turn to a professional in the market. They have boots on the ground and they know what is happening specific to their market.

Take a look a the video I filmed to answer some of the questions you have and to show you 5 data points that show the state of our market.

5 Data Points That Prove This Market Is Not Like 2008-2009

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