Discover The Triangle – Sahar Sultan

In this day and age, having a tribe is more important than ever! Luckily, because of The Know Tribe, an incredible group of female leaders, I was introduced to Sahar Sultan.

Sahar Sultan and I have been working together for a few months now and she has been an incredible asset to both me and my team. Sahar is a Fractional CFO/Accountant and is the owner of The Business Girl Friday.

A “Girl Friday” is a nickname that originates back to the character named “Friday” in Daniel DeFoe’s Robinson Crusoe novels. It came to mean a go-to person who could accomplish anything. It became “Girl Friday” in the time where female office assistants often took on a large variety of tasks. The Business Girl Friday Founder, Sahar Sultan, acquired the “Girl Friday” from her very first client Mr. Charles H. Wilkinson, Jr.

Take a second to get to know Sahar and reach out if you need her! ❤️

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